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Fear the wrath of my thoughts

or just run away screaming....

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The Girl

Cheer. Cheerio. Cheermione. Ilisia. Nya. Are a few of my so-called nicknames I answer to all of them cause i've grown very fond of them. Nostalgic. Spontanious. Collector. Obsessive. Chatterbox. Enthousiastic. Emo from time to time. Fangirl. Girlfriend. Slasher. Impulsive. Choatic. Night Person. Slytherin. Splash of Gryffindor Goodness. Gleek. Starkid. Classic Rock Fan. PunkChick. Black. Green. HP-shippingwhore. Slashyminded. Gutterminded. Tvseries fanatic.


Harry Potter owns my soul. Supernatural. Glee. Game of Thrones. Darren Criss. Blaine Anderson. The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore. Narnia. Jensen Ackles rocks my world. Jared Padalecki. I love me some Winchesters. Castiel. Paul Wesley. Love me some Salvatores too. Team Starkid. Ben Barnes. William Moseley. These two are seriously in love with eachother by the way. Draco Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy. Roswell. Dawson's Creek. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. Smallville. World of Warcraft. Night Elves. Goblins. Lord of the Rings. Dragonball Z. Historical Movies. Epic Swashbuckling Movies. Fantasy. Books. Reading. Starbucks. Music on Supernatural. 1967 Chevy Impala. Heath Ledger R.I.P. Jason Isaacs. Orlando Bloom. Gerard Butler. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Joshua Jackson. Brendan Fehr. David Boreanaz. Eliza Dushku. Johnny Depp.


Harry/Draco. Ron/Hermione. Remus/Sirius. KLAINE! (Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson). Delena (Damon/Elena). Stelena (Stefan/Elena) Damon/Alaric. Damon/werewolf!uncle Mason Lockwood. Damon has chemistry with everyone haha! Including his brother so Damon/Stefan anyone? :P. Peter/Caspian. Willbons (Ben Barnes/William Moseley). Padackles (Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki). Michael/Maria. Max/Alec (X5-452/X5-494). Buffy/Angel. J2. Vegeta/Goku. Trunks/Goten. Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson. And how about some Wincest on occasion?


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